Updated: 8 March 2021


For availability please email or call us requesting the dates you would like to hire the van. We will then send you a booking form, via email or post, that needs to be completed and returned to us with a non-refundable deposit of £200. This will secure you booking, full payment is required 4 weeks before the date of hire. Bookings made less than 4 weeks before hire will need to be paid for in full at the time of booking. Payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.


The hirer has 7 working days from the day of booking to cancel and receive a full refund. If you need to cancel your hire after that period the deposit will not be returned. If we manage to re-book the hire period, an admin fee of £30 will be kept and the remaining deposit returned to you. If the cancellation period is within 4 weeks of the hire no refund will be offered unless we manage to rebook that period.


We recommend that you take out suitable holiday insurance to cover personnel effects, any unavoidable cancellation costs and in the case of any loss of personal possessions due to fire or theft damage to the vehicle as these are not covered by our insurance.


  • Aged between 25-75 years old and be in good health.
  • Held a full UK driving licence for at least 2 years.
  • No more than 6 penalty points on their licence.
  • Must not have been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle/cycle and/or have had your driving licence endorsed or suspended. (Spent convictions may be disregarded)
  • Must not have been involved in more than one fault accident during the past 3 years.
  • Must not of had insurance declined or cancelled by any Motor Insurer.
  • Drivers must declare their occupation on the booking form as some restrictions may apply.
  • Bring driving licence and two other proof of address items. e.g. utility bill or bank statement, that are less than 3 months old.


  • The van is available for collection from 0900 on the day of hire.
  • Please allow 45-60 minutes for the hand over. This time is needed to complete paperwork for insurance, give you a tour of the van and instructions on how to use all facilities and to load your luggage.
  • The van must be returned by 1600 on the agreed date, please notify us immediately of any potential late return. Unless arranged in advance a cost of £20 per hour will be incurred. Any further costs suffered due to disruption of the next hirer’s holiday due to a late return will be passed onto you.


A £500 security deposit (£1000 if venturing to Europe) must be paid before the hire period begins. The deposit can be by bank transfer, or card payment, a non-refundable fee will be added to all card payments. The deposit must be paid to cover the possibility of negligent damage to the vehicle or the fixtures and fittings therein or equipment included in the rental. A full inventory and vehicle report will be given at the beginning of the hire period and checked against at the end. The van should be returned with a full tank of diesel, the security deposit is refundable within 7 days of the safe return of the vehicle in the condition in which it left our premises. Any insurance claim will have a £500 excess charge


  • Diesel charged at £1.50 for every litre needed to refill the tank.
  • Late return charge £20 per hour plus any costs suffered by the subsequent hirer.
  • Loss of or damage to the vehicle and its contents.
  • Repairs and/or additional cleaning charge.
  • Damage caused to windscreens, wheels, tyres, the interior of the van, towing charges and additional items that were hired.
  • Any damage caused by the vehicle being driven off road or without due care and attention, negligently or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Road tolls, fines, and legal penalties. Any charges subsequently notified to us will be immediately invoiced to the hirer.
  • In the event of an insurance claim being made the hirer is liable for the £500 excess, we reserve the right to retain the security deposit for a longer period as is necessary to quantify the charges incurred.
  • Any claim arising from the loss of the van where the keys were left inside whilst the van was unattended will be payable by the hirer as this is not covered by the insurance.
  • Damage to the interior of the vehicle, living or cooking equipment will be charged to the hirer in all cases.


Pets must be disclosed on our booking form. Any damage caused by pets will be charged to the hirer. Pets must never be left alone or unattended in the van.


You must follow the Health and Safety guidelines when operating the campervan and its appliances and using any equipment in the camper or awning. These guidelines will be given to you verbally and are to be found in the van handbook.


There are ISOFIX fittings in both the rear seats. We have a Britax child/baby seat, that can be borrowed at your own risk but recommend you bring your own if required. For further information visit: https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules


Gas is provided for the cooker. If required we will meet the cost of one additional cylinder of gas on production of a receipt.


Non-secure parking available on our private driveway.  Your car will be left at the owner’s risk. We cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to your car or its contents.


Smoking is forbidden in the van and awning area. Damage caused by smoking is not covered by the insurance, therefore, the hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the vehicle, its contents or the awning through smoking.


In the event that keys are lost, damaged or stolen the hirer will be liable for the reasonable costs of obtaining a replacement and any costs that may be associated. This includes providing new keys to the hirer during the hire period. The charge for replacing a key is estimated at £200.


You are responsible for maintaining the van whilst it is on hire to you. You must check the oil, water and tyres every 500 miles travelled, refilling as necessary. We will reimburse you for any expenses which are reasonably incurred in rectifying any mechanical failure to the engine of the van where the maintenance kit provided is insufficient. Please notify us beforehand if you need to purchase such items. If there is damage or breakdown caused by your own actions, you will be liable for the cost of repair/replacement/recovery.


In the event of a breakdown, repair service or recovery being required it will be provided by the RAC. Contact details will be in the van handbook. If you have broken down, you must remain at a safe distance from the vehicle until the RAC recovery vehicle arrives. You must not abandon the vehicle at the roadside. If you incur any minor repair bills, we will give you a refund when you produce your valid receipt on the completion of your hire. Repairs costing in excess of £50 must first be authorised by us prior to the work being undertaken. Our liability extends to either replacing your van with a similar one or refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle. We cannot accept liability for any cost arising from accident, breakdown or any other cause, e.g. replacement vehicle costs, travel, accommodation. If the breakdown has been caused by driver neglect or misuse then no replacement van or refund will be provided, and you will be responsible for all costs incurred. No works on the audio system, gas stove, or auxiliary electrics are authorised without permission from us.


The van has comprehensive insurance for those named on the rental agreement. Insurance is only for our van and equipment that belongs to the van. In the event of fire damage due to cooking or heating the insurance for the van is limited to 75% of cover for the consequences, in this instance, the hirer is liable for the remaining 25%. Our insurance policy protects us and any authorised driver against claims from any other person or death or personal injury or any other person’s property caused by use of the vehicle on the road on condition you report to us all such incidents as soon as reasonably possible after the event and you are using the vehicle within these terms and conditions and those of our insurance company. In the event that any third party suffers death, personal injury or damage to property caused by use of the vehicle which involves breach by you or any authorised driver of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement and that of our insurance policy, you agree to reimburse us if we are obliged to compensate (a) the insurers for any payment they make to a third party on your behalf and/or (b) any third party. If an insurance claim is made, the hirer is responsible for a £500 excess which is due in each and every incident and includes loss or damage to equipment, fixtures and fittings or to third party property. The excess applies in respect of each claim, not rental. Any damage caused to the roof being left up, not secured correctly or struck due to failing to assess the height of the vehicle is your responsibility.

We hire the vehicle to you subject to this rental agreement and which incorporates these terms and conditions and the information and conditions contained in the booking form that you have signed. In making the rental and signing the booking form you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you will strictly comply with them. The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions govern your use of our vehicle and are not transferable by you. You acknowledge that the vehicle is owned by us and that any attempted transfer or sub rent of the vehicle by anyone other than us is prohibited and a criminal offence. We permit you to use the vehicle on the terms and conditions of this rental agreement only.

The words used in this agreement carry their usual meaning, in particular:

  • ‘vehicle’ and ‘van’ means the VW T6 campervan hired to you under agreement and as specified to you by LALA Van Hire.
  • ‘hirer’, ‘you’ and ‘your’ means the person or persons signing this agreement
  • ‘the agreement’, ‘the rental agreement’ and ‘terms and conditions’ means this agreement and any document expressly referred to in this document including the insurance document.


The van must not be used for anything other than it is designed for. It can only be driven by those who have provided the correct paperwork, meet the insurance requirements and are specified on the hire agreement. The van is to be driven in a legal, cautious and sensible manner at all times.

The hirer agrees to be responsible for:

  • The cost of making good any damage caused to the vehicle by improper use.
  • Looking after the van, making sure it is locked, secure and parked in a safe place.
  • Using the vehicle and its contents responsibly, complying with our instructions and Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring that the elevating roof is secured correctly before driving the van. Failure to do so or operating the elevating roof not in the way explained in the van handbook will cause damage in excess of the security deposit which the hirer shall be liable for.
  • Ensuring that the bike rack (if hired) and any bikes on it are secured correctly and safely.

The hirer agrees not to:

  • Carry more than 4 passengers at any one time.
  • Drive off road, on unsurfaced roads or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle.
  • Drive when it is overloaded or when loads are not properly secured.
  • Carry goods of an explosive dangerous or hazardous nature. (this excludes the included gas bottle)
  • Carry any object or substance which, because of its condition or smell may harm the vehicle and/or delay our ability to rent the vehicle again.
  • Carry goods or passengers for hire and reward.
  • Tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object.
  • Take part in any race, rally or other contest.
  • Drive or park in contravention of any traffic or other regulations.

The hirer is liable for:

  • Any damage caused above cab height and for damage caused by failure to assess the height of the van and striking overhead or overhanging objects.
  • Any damage to third parties and their property due to striking overhead or overhanging objects.
  • Any bikes that are stolen whilst secured on the bike rack.
  • The cost of recovering the van if it has become stuck due to driver error.
  • Any loss or damage to the van and its contents caused through failure to follow the instructions as provided in the van handbook. This includes any of the additional items which are hired out and specified on the booking form and inventory list.
  • Any loss or damage to third-party property caused as a result of the hirer failing to follow the instructions as provided in the van handbook.

Where no instructions, advice or guidelines are given you must assume ‘normal’ and ‘common sense’ rules apply.