Health and Safety

Between Hires

We will endeavour to have at least one day between each hire. This will ensure the cleaning and preparation for the next customers is not rushed. It also allows time for the van to sit without any contact overnight prior to it being picked up.

Notification of Symptoms

Customers are obliged to inform us if they experience any symptoms for Covid-19 during their hire period and for up to 14 days after the hire period. We will then notify any customers that hire Jago within those 14 days.

Cleaning Policy

We maintain the highest standards in cleanliness. Jago is cleaned inside and out before every hire.

As standard:

        • All surfaces are cleaned using sterilising products.
        • Every item of crockery, cutlery, utensils and saucepans are washed through the dishwasher.
        • Inline with government guidelines we will be using disinfectant spray between hires, throughout the air and fabric of Jago.
        • Fogging Decontamination – Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Fog, covers all surfaces for total sanitisation.

If you would like bring your own equipment, let us know and we can take out what you don’t need.

Handover Plan

Social distancing will be enforced, and this may take some patience on handover day.

We will  try to do as much of the paperwork preperation prior to handover day.

This includes:

      • Booking Form completed by you with clear instructions of what you would like to hire in addition to the van.
      • Full payment for hire and £500 deposit paid.
      • Terms and Conditions read, understood and signed.
      • Documents and Info sent for Insurance purposes.
          • Driving licence front and back
          • 2 utility bills for proof of address (it must be less than 3 months old)
          • Provide a’Check code’. This can be found here.

The day of handover:

      • Complete any outstanding paperwork checks.
      • Walked around the vehicle for the vehicle check report.
      • Following social distancing guidelines we will endeavour to show you the van and give brief instructions.
      • Ensure you have all the kit required.

NOTE: A comprehensive ‘information handbook’ is included and kept in the glovebox. Also included are easy to follow checklists for ‘putting the roof down’ and for when you ‘drive away’.

We are always available on the phone to answer any questions too.