Lynne, Amy, Lenny and Addi make up Team LALA. We are passionate about the outdoors, passionate about camping and most importantly love a camper van!

It is now time to share that passion….!!

2020 was a turbulent year for many and certainly brought some unforeseen changes for us. Because of this we have had to rethink how we can enable Jago to continue to be offered for exciting adventures.

When we dreamt up LALA in early 2020, having a T6 similar to ours to rent out, Lynne was leaving the RAF after 17 years and Amy was remaining at RAF Brize for a couple more years. Then the pandemic hit and, like many, things changed. Lynne was given a great opportunity to remain in the RAF on flexible hours and Amy, with short notice, got posted to MOD Boscombe Down.

Although we remain in Carterton, our changes have meant that the time we had originally expected to be able to commit to LALA has reduced. We have decided that week bookings will enable us to deliver the high level of customer service that we strive to and if we are within 4 weeks of a hire request and it is different to the standard week (Sat – Fri) then we will endeavour to offer and enable that.

The pictures below are of our van, which on the outside look very similar to Jago.